Tuesday 14 July 2009


        things that are misty are certainly never clear
        the mind is clouded with ’something’ she fears
        that ’something’ will suffice one day
        and then all her pain will go away.

        in the meantime she sits and thinks
        takes herself a little drink, it takes away what she thinks,
        she then unscrews the bottle of the pills
        takes a handful to her mouth, and swallows.

        next day she wakes in a strange place
        though things are clouded in her mind
        she vaguely remembers what she did
        that ’something’ has not surfaced in her mind
        written by JMD

        *I can recall not long ago that I read about a women who tried to take her own life, so hence I wrote the words above.


  1. I like this reading it made me think of my mum, she use to write short stories and poems when I was a child.

  2. That is neat! A sad tale though.You,ve captured her mood well.

  3. A lot of sadness ...loneliness ...out in the world....

    Kind regards,

  4. Hello Jo-Anne,
    Lovely memories then for you of your mum. I write or think of many things like I wrote here. I don't always write them down unfortunately.

  5. Hello Dianne,
    Thank you...I have seen a lot in my life as a professional person in the field I was trained, so I expect I have seen many things first hand, so to speak. Then haven't most of us seen many things.

  6. Hello Lizzie,
    You are not wrong in your comment. I believe no one really knows how sad and lonely some people are, and so many of them have no one to turn to, or don't know how to.


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