Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Quarantine on the Border of NT and WA

At the border of Northern Territory (NT) and Western Australia (WA) there is the Quarantine Station. There is one lane of traffic going into two lanes. One lane for large vehicles, the other for smaller vehicles.  There are two Quarantine men, they search your vehicle, they search the Caravans.
Any vegetables and fruit are disposed of by the men in their bins.
There is a hefty fee if caught by not declaring....

Things not permitted into Western Australia (WA)
Honey and other hive products
Unmilled Rice
Raw nuts as in Walnuts
Seeds (edible - commercially packaged)

Animals (birds/fish/aquariums/wildlife): pets or other.
Animals (livestock, cattle, pigs, horses etc)
Bees & apiary equipment 
Containers (agricultural/horticultural; used, including sacks, bags, cartons)
Soil (including in plant pots)
Plant items such as Bulbs, 
Cut flowers & foliage
Garden/house/pot plants
Stock feed (hay/fodder)
Timber (dressed/without bark)
Wood (firewood: dried & bark free)
Wood (ornamental: dried & bark-free)

There are exceptions of course - some items require a permit.

The above was taken from the booklet given to us at the border - bringing 'into' Western Australia (WA)
In the booklet it's stated what can be brought into each State and the Territories of Australia.


The Border taken through the windscreen


  1. It seems amazing within the same country. So are we to believe from this that NT has some pests which other parts of Australia do not have? Are there quarantine checks from SA to WA also?

    1. Craig, it's such a diverse country, so large from tropical to temperate climate in Tasmania, with many kinds of industries, therefore many products are grown. Fruit fly devastates fruit crops, the fruit just shrinks before your eyes so I'm told, then the farmers have nothing to sell and so on..
      Yes, there is a Quarantine Station similar to the one above on the border of Western Australia/South Australia. So on our way home to South Australia we will have the same thing.

  2. As Craig mentions it is surprising that there is such an embargo within the same country - in Europe we are allowed to take home food, plants, and flowers from other European countries.

    1. The deversation these pests cause is horrific Rosemary. Being such a large diverse country I can understand.
      Europe is very different to Australia. We have the largest cattle station in the world, so that within itself truly amazing..

  3. wow it is very interesting about the station.Can you explain why some products are forbidden

    1. Mainly pests that ruin the crops. Then no exporting, no food, no money for the farmer..
      Bees, there are pests, diseases so therefor we don't want those being carried from State to State or to the Territories of Australia. It's good if all things can be kept pest and disease free..

  4. Good to know. Thanks for sharing for the people that are travelling there. I am not one but someday I hope. Take care M. Hug G

    1. One day you might come to Australia :)
      I also did the post for our visitors overseas. So many people bring food into Australia after declaring that they don't have any, then wonder why they have to pay a hefty's all very interesting..Hugs M xox

  5. I am so glad that they are that careful, and that vigilant.
    Queensland also has (had?) quarantine stations. Fruit particularly. And I think they have largely eliminated fruit fly because of it.

    1. Thank goodness they have done that. It only takes one piece of fruit to case a big problem..

  6. We never have such things in the USA. I know you'll have been pretty strict about stuff like that. I'm sure you heard about Johnny Depp and his dogs

    1. Everyone in Australia knows about Depp and his bloody dogs!
      The case has not been completely finalised yet. Depp has been fined.
      Stupid man who thought he was above the law.

    2. Yes Adam, we heard about Johnny Depp....I copied a snippet from the appropriate website what is required for pets entering Australia from America.

      vaccinations Your pet must have had a rabies vaccination within one year of entry. Not required for pets entering from Keeling Islands, New Zealand or Norfolk Island.

      It is recommended that cats receive a vaccination that protects against feline enteritis (also known as feline panleucopenia or feline distemper), rhinotracheitis and calicivirus. The vaccination should be valid for the entire post-arrival quarantine period.

      It is recommended that your dog receives a vaccination that protects against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para-influenza and Bordetella bronchiseptica and is valid for the entire post-arrival quarantine period. Dogs entering from the United States must be vaccinated against canine influenza.

      Dogs must be treated against Brucellosis, Ehrlicia canis, Leishmaniosis and Leptospirosis. Dogs that have visited Africa must have treatment for Babesia canis.

      Vaccinations must be administered in a DAFF approved country.

  7. I recall quarantine stations at all state borders may back in the 1950's.
    Stock inspectors were at all border crossings and God help anyone caught
    moving stock without permits.
    Now stock can be moved from the east into WA as long as they have been checked
    for such things as ticks etc.
    Pity there was not an "in the air" station way back in the early 1900's to have stopped those
    bloody imported IndIan Myna birds imported by WA agriculture officials who obviously didn't do
    too much checking on the bug intakes of these wretched birds and their ability to eat
    wheat grubs! Now these birds are the greatest threat to all little native bird life, Australia wide.

    Honey in jars seems a bit strange - any reason given in the booklet for this restriction, Margaret?
    We must keep our country protected from outside diseases - pity the Depps of this world can't read?

    Still "un-August" like weather here in Brisbane, lucky you for getting out of Launceston - bloody cold
    down there - it was minus 2c to + 8c yesterday.
    Cheers and safe travelling - any camels and feral goats sighted yet?

    1. Good reply Colin...Bees, pests and diseases which causes deversation.
      Actually bumble bees are a pest I hate to say..

  8. There's a rule that rabbits can't be brought into Queensland and I think I recall as a child there possibly being a station checking for some types of fruits? I might be remembering incorrectly though - childhood memories are a little blurry.

    1. You are 100% correct, Monica.
      Fruit deposit bins were all along the border.

    2. There was a station on the border of Queensland and NSW many years ago but not any more. From memory there are bins to place the fruit in as you reach the border..fruit fly is a big problem.

  9. I remember the one between QLD and NSW but that was a long time ago, but as I fly now up there now not sure if it's still there.
    I knew about the fruit but not all the other things.

    1. It's amazing how many products are not permitted from State to State and the Terrotoriee....but can understand why..

  10. So pets are allowed? We used to get checked coming from NSW to Victoria for fruit, in case the fruit was carrying fruit fly. My car was once searched. I don't think they do that anymore.

    1. Pets between States and Territories of Australia Andrew. I believe the pets have to have a micro chip and be vaccinated as to not pass diseases on. Dogs travelling within Australia don't have to have the rabies vaccination as far as I know because we don't have rabies in Australia.

      When we travel the Highway between Victoria and NSW I don't recall seeing any bins, but there could be some. As time goes by the diseases are not so bad in some areas..
      When getting off the boat in Tasmania we are always checked, if a caravan that is also checked..
      There are Quarantine dogs at the ferry as well as airports as in the major ones.

    2. Andrew.
      The bins have gone now along the eastern sea-board of Australia.
      You may still find as heritage / historical listed some of the quarantine stations
      along the borders - Qld/NSW/SA/Victoria still standing - tourist attractiions.

      However, due to the outbreak in Qld of the "Hendra virus" in horses, all horses
      being transported south for racing etc have to be cleared by veterinarians be it by plane
      or road transport.
      Pets are now micro-clipped so that problem is eliminated and sensible pet owners
      have their dogs/cats regularly checked. I suppose if you wanted your pet canary to travel
      with you that may have to micro-clipped. Thus the sniffer dogs at domestic airports - it is not only drug carriers that are of interest.
      At the rate this Depp movie is progressing,it probably will be the most expensive movie ever produced and serves the production mob right.
      Rabies exists in the great USA!
      That is one thing we can thank Barnaby Joyce for giving rid of here so swiftly.
      Pity Mr. and Mrs Depp think they are above the laws of another country, eh??
      Great travel blog on your US/Canada trip - well documented.

  11. I remember years ago when I was a child we were going from NSW to Queensland and had to stop and eat fruit we had with us, dad didn't want to bin it so he made us all eat a piece of fruit

    1. Oh I have seen many people on the side of the roads near bins and borders eating the fruit....if it's stewed it's ok..

  12. I remember that border. It is a good idea to try and keep the west free of diseases.

    1. Good memory then.
      Always good to keep any State/Terrority free from all pests and diseases if we can..

  13. I am thinking that going to Western Australia might not be worth it. For I can understand why some of those items were on the list, but the rest simply seem asinine.

  14. Yes it's worth going into WA. All States and Terrorities have Quarantine measures. Bring things into Tasmania where I live it's very strict.
    We do not wish to pass pests and diseases into other States or Territories of Australia, nor do we want to send our pest and diseases overseas. It would deverstate the industries

    It's no problem going through quarantine, we know we have to, so we accept that.

    There is Quarantine in your country too. We don't say, it's too much trouble to visit America. We go and abide by the rules.

    I tell you a little story to help you and others understand:

    A few years ago a lovely lady living in California wanted to purchase some Camellias from a Nursery in Tasmania. It was done, but before sending the nursery in Tasmania had to remove all the soil at the quarantine station ( the local one) then pack the camellias in water approved crystals, fumigate the plants, seal andost directly to quarantine in California. Even though the plants were free of pest and disease this all still had to be done. Accompanied with the plants on their long plane journey was a certificate of certification, required by law in both countries. The plants were inspected by California quarantine people and collected by the lady. The plants lived! One of the camellias was my name, my second and last name to be exact. The lady didn't want to buy them from her local nursery for a reason only known to her.

    I hope my explanation helps you to understand.....

    1. Thank you for going into such detail with your explanation, and I am familiar with the need for border quarantines of certain items. I had to pass through inspection stations going into Arizona, California and Florida while on the truck years ago, but what harm could honey do? Furthermore, keeping dogs and cats from one part of the country out of other parts is ridiculous to me--except in cases where a disease was rampaging in certain areas. Please do not think that I am saying this with a superior American air. For we have our share of asinine rules that may sound good in principle, but are stupid to apply.

    2. WA is the only State that doesn't have European foulbrood, they wish to keep it that way...
      I found the reason why about honey...taken from a Government website here in WA....

      Why am I not allowed to bring honey from the east coast and yet I can I buy it (honey) in the shops here?
      Honey purchased in WA from the east coast has been pasteurised and meets strict quarantine requirements. It’s certified as treated and is verified by our officers on arrival into WA. Most tourists and travellers are more likely to bring unpasteurised honey and it’s difficult to verify if it has been treated to meet our quarantine requirements. Quarantine is cautious in its approach as most people will not incur the cost to treat a jar of honey.

      That's your answer on the honey.

      Dogs and cats carry diseases, but most would have micro chips and been vaccinated so producing the certificate from the vets would or should be enough.

    3. Well done Margaret.
      If only people would read other comments from people who know.
      We can BUT ONLY hope and if necessary pray.
      Born ASININE, you die ASININE!

    4. We have plenty of our own political battles over states-rights vs. national interests, and I really did not give it much thought at all until I went on the truck and found that what was perfectly legal in one state would be illegal as all get out just over the border into another state. Be assured that there are a few of our states that I would never want go to again (except in very different circumstances) because of their quirky differences, and that is where my initial comment was coming from. If you and others do not mind, that's great. Oh, and I am very sorry for offending Colin's delicate sensibilities again.

  15. When people come here to Canada, there are certain things they are not allowed to bring, and one is wood...there may be some insects in it that cause problems here, and the list goes on. All this is done to protect everyone. Not all people understand it, but the rules are put in place for everyone's safety and well being.

  16. When people come here to Canada, there are certain things they are not allowed to bring, and one is wood...there may be some insects in it that cause problems here, and the list goes on. All this is done to protect everyone. Not all people understand it, but the rules are put in place for everyone's safety and well being.

  17. My goodness! Another thing I wasn't aware of...the broad list of what is not allowed into WA....that's quite amazing!