Sunday, 15 July 2012

White Rose!

Made another 'card'  which I made smaller, the larger version is for a wallpaper. 
The white rose is another white rose from my garden. 
I get a fad for making these and at least I can do them on my laptop in the evening time whilst looking after my dad when I stop there each week.  It's relaxing after a busy day and I can talk to dad whilst doing my graphics. 
It's kind of strange having someone in the room and not knowing what I am doing, or not being able to see the finished product.  You know this when asked:  "What are you doing?" 
That question gets me thinking and off I go explaining, he somehow knows what it then looks like :)



  1. another lovely card. it sounds like a good way to spend an evening with your Dad for company. you have a real talent.

    1. Hello yevisha, thank you, it takes many evening to make the cards/wallpapers.

  2. This one is a beauty. That's the reason your dad is living his life well because he has your loving care.

  3. Oh I love this M you are so talented. Say Hi to your Dad from Canada. You are a wonderful daughter. Hugs xxoo G

  4. This is gorgeous - you should be producing your own line of greeting cards!