Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Things I Make!

Amazing the things I make on the computer in our Winter time whilst staying with my dad or at home.

Don't know where I found these sayings!


  1. both sayings are true. :) they have been around for a while i think. good job with the design

  2. Yes, the sayings are so true, I found heaps that I have heard of before, great find for it's a reminder. Thanks re-design.

  3. Oh M you are so talented you can make the nicest art. I love those sayings and yes they certainly are true. Hugs my friend. G

  4. Both of these sayings contain a lot of wisdom within them. Love your digital art - I haven't the first clue how you do it!

    1. They sure do...
      Thanks re - digital art....if you have Photoshop, I am sure you could do same as I can.

  5. What is funny is that both of these sayings are so bloody true.....


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