Sunday, 22 January 2017

Barron Falls, Cairns. Queensland.

One day whilst staying in Cairns we headed to the Barron Falls up near the town of Kurunda in the hills. Decided to walk to the falls from the carpark provided in preference to taking a ride on the Skyrail.  The day we ventured to do this was very overcast, humid about 28 deg C making it a comfortable walk.
The Barron Falls is a steep tiered cascade waterfall on the Barron River located where the river descends from the Atherton Tablelands to the Cairns coastal plain, in Queensland, Australia.

There is a video at the bottom of this post which shows you the falls in the wet season. It's been well done and is from Youtube.

The pathway where we begin.
Note is doesn't say how far the walk is, but about 15 minutes there.

Some of the scenery along the walk.

A place to rest, needed for us.

Walked over a bridge and looked down, the train line.

Cable cars from where we were standing on the viewing platform.

This photo was taken before we went lower.

Give an idea how far away we were and how the falls cascade in the dry season, remembering we are in the tropics where there are only 2 season - wet, summer - dry, winter.

The top of the falls.

Barron Falls in the Wet from the Skyrail.

Barron Falls is a National Park and the water from the falls supplies the Power Station at the Barron Falls Hydroelectric Station - shown in my post about Surprise Falls.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

A walk to the Crystal Cascade Falls

One of the days whist in Cairns we headed for a walk up the bush as in Rain Forest to the Crystal Cascade Falls.  The water comes from Lake Morris which I did a post on a week or two ago.
The walk takes about 30 minutes, wasn't a good idea for us on a 30deg C day with high humidity, so we didn't make it very far.

The walking path, one of the walk ways to one of the many water holes to have a swim, ferns and then a plant called Lantana which is classed as a weed.  Lantana is a genus of about 150 species of perennial flowering plants in the verbena family.

The photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Edge 4 phone.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Surprise Creek, Cairns

We ventured up to Barron Creek Gorge in Winter 2016 in the Cairns area where the power station is.
Surprise Creek, waterfall is 243 meters high (792 feet).

The Power Station

Mother in laws Tongues growing outside the gate.

The road on the way to the falls and Power Station.

Map gives some indication how far we were from home.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Cairns Central, Queensland

Whilst in Cairns the second week of our winter holiday last year my mobile phone decided to give up the ghost.  I went and got a new one, Samsung Galaxy Edge 7.... these photos were the first ones I took with the camera in the phone.

One of the main shopping complexes in Cairns City.
Cairns Central.
Parking wasn't a problem, there is our vehicle the black one.

Inside Cairns Central.