Friday, 9 December 2016

After the last cyclone in the far north.

Cardwell, in Queensland is a small tropical coastal town in the Far North.  We had 2 nights at one of the caravan parks.  Much had changed since our last visit, there had been a cyclone through the area in February 2011.  The walking paths along the beach front have been redone, some shops have been replaced by new ones making it all look inviting.

View towards Hinchinbrook Island.

Streetscape which is also the highway.

After the cyclone in 2011, the same highway as above.
Photo borrowed from the internet.

The jetty which one can walk out on, can fish from and hop into your little boat and take yourself across to the island.

Borrowed photo from the internet above, is of the Marina at Port Hinchinbrook Marina at Cardwell after the cyclone.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Ice cream!

We came across an Ice Cream shop called the 'Frosty Mango' on the way to Cardwell in the tropics this winter.  No we didn't indulge too early in the morning.

Coming around the corner and wow you see this on a slight hill.  It certainly catches ones eye.

A little further on there was a lookout, so up we drove to see the view of Hinchinbrook Island.  See map below.

Pity about the electricity wires.

Some tropical plants near the caravan at Cardwell, Queensland.

The drive that day from Ayr to Cardwell.

Friday, 2 December 2016

To the beach!

Not too far from Ayr are two beaches that we visited.  Lynch's Beach and Alva Beach.
Many people that live there have a tractor to take their boats out to the sea and collect them.  First time we have seen this type of thing.  No photos of the tractors unfortunately.


Near one of the beaches.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Ayr. Queensland.

Whilst we stayed in Ary for a few nights we ventured to the town which was only a few minutes from the Caravan Park.  We liked Ayr and stayed again on the way down south....but of course we are still heading north when these photos were taken.

Ayr was named after the Scottish town Ayr, the birthplace of a past Queensland Premier.
The town established in 1882. The Post Office opened in 1883.
Ayr is sugar cane country and it's not far from Home Hill another sugar cane growing area..

 Taken in the main street.

The above photo was taken in the main street.  I'm not fond of water being smooth, for me it looks too artificial so hence this one isn't very smooth.

The town clock, typical in most towns in Australia.

A house which is a bit different.

The Roman Catholic Church in Ayr.  Sacred Heart Church.

Sugar Mill close to Ayr.