Friday, 15 December 2017

Mackay Botanic Gardens, Queensland

We visited Mackay Botanic Gardens when we were there in Winter 2017 and it was a warm humid morning.

The photo below is the Aloe Vera plant with the flower beginning and in full bloom along with a few other flowers and a feathered friend.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Mackay, Queensland

The Mackay region producers more than a 3rd of sugar cane.
One of the first white settlers to travel through the Mackay region was Captain James Cook, who reached the Mackay coast on June 1, 1770 and name several local landmarks.
Over the years Cyclones and floods have tormented Mackay.
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The above photo is the breakwater road going towards the Marina on the right.

The above building is in Mackay, couldn't find a parking space to take photos of the city.

Monday, 11 December 2017

To Mackay, Queensland.

After Emerald in Queensland we headed to the sea coming through mining country and after that National Parks.  The road we wanted to travel on was closed due to Cyclone damage earlier in the year as the rain has washed away the road, so we travelled several klm on a narrow gravel road with no Petrol Stations along the way, lucky for us we had plenty of diesel in the tank.

We called into a Caravan Park in Mackay and stayed 10 nights as it was a bit warmer in the tropics.  Many times we have stayed in the same caravan park and this time development had taken place with much improvement.

One open cut mine above, below part of the Darling Downs on the way.

The new concrete slabs at the caravan park, plus the bus fitted out as a caravan, below the Marina at Mackay.