Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Helmet!

The Header photo is what we see in the evening time :)
We are now in Ballina NSW (New South Wales) by the sea, 744km (462 miles) above Sydney, over 8 hours drive.  Heading to a place called Coffs Harbour for 5 days which is about a 2...1/2 hours drive south. 
In Hervey Bay a town up north we came across this cyclist with 'things' in his helmet to ward off the Magpies attacking him.

Monday, 5 September 2016

A Lighthouse in Mackay, Queensland.

Still travelling and of course heading 'south' with about 6 weeks to go before being home.
Family living in our house whilst we are gone is a blessing, knowing someone is taking care of it.

We are currently in a place called Mackay in Queensland, just down the road from Ayr and then heading to Rockhampton where they have 'great steaks'.

The winter weather is being kind to us at 23 (73.4 F) - 28 deg C (82.4 F) during the day and of course cooler overnight 18 deg C (64.4 F) approximately.

A pretty area by the Marina and a lighthouse plus a few restaurants and the boat ramp.
Photo taken with my phone.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Outdoor Drive-in Theatre in Ayr, Queensland.

What a great surprise when driving around Ayr in Queensland we came across the outdoor Drive-In Movie Theatre, brought back so many memories of years gone by.
Sharing a photo of the screen and where you park.

We have moved from Ayr to Bowen which is just below Ayr.

This photo was taken with my phone.

The Map below is where Ayr is situated on the East Coast of Australia.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Mosaic in Townsville, Queensland. Australia.

Photo of one of several Mosaics by one the beaches at Townsville in Queensland.
We have been here for one week and head south to Ayr on Monday morning for another week.
Some caravan parks offer 'free' internet but it's so hopeless one doesn't bother to connect.

I broke my Nikon Lens and had to purchases another.  Yes, dropped it on concrete further up north.  A first for everything!