Saturday, 25 April 2015

ANZAC Day 2015

A day to Remember.

A graphic I made.


  1. Your graphic is truly a beautiful tribute.

  2. The words i understand some and i think a lot of sadness and yet some hope. Have a peaceful and blessed weekend.

  3. Now just after 2.30 am and am up and dressed for the BNE dawn Service.
    It is being locked down at 4.00 am for the spectators.
    Hopefully I will be able to see the proceedings from some area.
    My neighbour, her daughter and I are sharing a taxi into the CBD
    rather than rely on a train that will be jam packed.
    Stupid QR are only putting on two train services!!!
    Plus no annoucements as to what platform these trains will come in on
    at Albion Station! I suspect chaos and strained tempers!!
    Thus a booked taxi.
    Lovely tribute Margaret.
    "Lest we forget"

    1. Just back from the most moving of ceremonies I have ever attended.
      The Anzac Square and adjacent areas were packed to the rafters.
      Jammed in like sardines one might say.
      For the ceremony you could have heard a pin drop - incredible.
      However I wish I had been about 6 foot 8 inches tall!!!
      Basket Ball players do have something going for them.
      Unfortunately not being able to move my wretched back locked up
      so I was in considerable pain for it all but I felt that my back problem
      was minimal to what our soldiers did on this day.

    2. You were certainly up early, hardly worth going to bed, well it would be for me seeing I'm such a night own at times.

      Sounds like a very busy early morning for the trains, and one would think they would have more on such a day with so many people wanted to pay respects to the late Soldiers. Wise idea to get a Taxi.

      Thank you - re tribute. I found the Bango Paterson poem this morning and posted it. I hope you are able to watch it.

      I'm at the present watching the ANZAC Service from Gallopi...probably shed a few tears. It's such a sad day.

    3. Just finished watching it also.
      Gallipoli was also blessed on this day with perfect weather.
      I think God was looking over us all on this 100th anniversary.

      Unfortunately Villers-Bretonneux has not been blessed with perfect weather.

      Yes I must admit my eyes watered up also.

  4. It is a terrible thing, war and we send off our young, eager and strong and optimistic, to die or to have limbs blown off. And yet sometimes, it is needed, these great sacrifices and those who rally to go, bless them.

    1. They were eager to go to war back then, it was what they wanted to do it seems, as we are told.
      Brave young men on all sides of the War/s.

    2. They couldn't wait to sign on, for WWII. Nobody wanted to stay out of it.

  5. It is a lovely piece of work and I have never read the whole poem.

  6. I agree about how lovely the words are. You did a super job with the graphic.