Monday, 4 November 2013


We always love to see the first of the roses bloom in our spring, these roses have been blooming for awhile, and just over night some of them come right out. This year we have a few new ones but they are not in bloom yet, won't we long!

Seduction is one of my favourites. A Floribunda Blooms well throughout the season.

Whiskey a Hybrid Tea rose.

Chicago Peace, Hybrid Tea Rose

Crepsecule, Floribunda Rose

Crepiscule as a Weeping Standard Rose.

Queen Elizabeth, Hybrid Tea Rose.


  1. hi M, your treatment of the pics just adds so much to these beautiful images. i can almost smell them. :) hope you are well

    1. Oh I had fun making the pictures round without touching the rose :)

  2. They are all wonderful. I didn't realise roses bloomed so late in the year. Silly me, I'm in the northern hemisphere, its coming on winter but you are coming into summer. That is how tired i am I can't think straight.

  3. Thanks and oh dear me, you poor thing. Fun though looking after your grandchildren :)